Thank You Lord, for the day of my conversion!

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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. THANK YOU LORD, FOR THE DAY OF MY CONVERSION! Well with me it happened today, 44 years ago…in Pastor Harold Warner’s living room. He led me in a sinners prayer and I was born-again. I remember the day very clearly. Four days previous on Sunday morning, May 18 1975, my wife Renee answered an altar call and repented of her sins and gave her life to Jesus. I was there, but I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t respond…but she sure did and did she ever. The difference in her life was like night and day. She got baptized that night after the evening service, smoked her very last cigarette, and that was it…NO TURNING BACK! She began to tell me in the best way she could what had happened. “My life is changed, I’m different, JESUS IS REAL” she would say. She told me over and over I needed to give my life to Jesus. No more smoking, wouldn’t get high with me, she had been completely delivered and set free. I could see it…even though I was a sinner, I knew something was different…it was real, she was changed, not the same person. Then, finally, four days after her conversion on Thursday, May 22 I agreed to go talk to Pastor Warner and it was there on that morning on that day that my life was radically changed. I prayed, repented for all my sin (I knew I was a sinner, didn’t take much convincing) and received Jesus as my Savior. Something happened! It was radical, I could feel it…I can’t explain it all, even to this day I can’t…THE RESURRECTION POWER OF CHRIST WAS RELEASED INSIDE OF ME. At that time I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, the power of my addiction was immediately broken, It was an unbelievable feeling and I’ll never get over it. That got me started…from then till now, I’m serving God and discovering His will day by day and striving for the perfection that He is working in all of us. What a great life He has afforded me to live. [2 Corinthians 5:17] “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” That’s why I still pray every day; THANK YOU LORD, FOR THE DAY OF MY CONVERSION!

– Pastor Stephens

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