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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: ALL THE HELP YOU THAT YOU NEED IS AVAILABLE. (Part 1) HELP…is something else we need a lot of, although, we don’t like to admit it…and we certainly don’t like to ask for it. It can be humiliating, we think. We don’t like to acknowledge that we don’t have what it takes and we need an outside source to come to our assistance. Whether you like it or not, you are going to find yourself in such circumstances often, where you need to ask for help. You need to let God, and sometimes others, maybe one of the brethren or a family member…or a colleague to take the position of someone who can help you. You need to ask for help when you know you need it and solicit the assistance of those who are near that are equipped to supply you with what you need, but don’t have. Sometimes God, in His goodness, will help us even when we don’t ask…He knows we need it and that’s enough for Him. [Isaiah 41:12-13] “You shall seek them and not find them— Those who contended with you. Those who war against you Shall be as NOTHING, As a NON-EXISTENT thing. For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I WILL HELP YOU.’” So today, LET GOD HOLD YOUR HAND…that of course is a metaphor for letting Him take a position in your life to help you. ALL THE HELP YOU NEED IS AVAILABLE so don’t hesitate to cry out and say GOD HELP ME! [Psalms 22:19] “But You, O Lord, do not be far from Me; O My Strength, HASTEN TO HELP ME!

– Pastor Stephens

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