Our Staff



Pastor Paul and Renee Stephens have served the Door Christian Fellowship in El Paso for over 25 years. Their genuine and passionate spirit has ministered the love of Jesus to the hearts of many thousands in our city. Pastor Stephens is a breath of fresh ministry. He is approachable, available and receptive. That personal touch is seen as he ministers in preaching that aims at relevant issues we all face. Whether you are at a decision point, desperate for hope, or simply looking for a church home, Pastor and Renee invite you to come and experience all God has for you through His word, prayer, worship and relationship. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Come and hear what God may have to say to you today.

Pastor Stephens is available for questions, help or counseling




Associate Pastor Richard and Luz Contreras serve our congregation in ministering in the word as well as to families. He is a great asset to our church as he brings a wealth of experience in pastoral ministry. Richard has pioneered missionary works in Mexico City and Bogota, Colombia. His pastoral experience is rooted in Juarez, Mexico and Madrid, Spain. We are glad to welcome back this wonderful family and know we are blessed to have them as Pastors.

Pastor Contreras is available for questions, help or counseling








Pastor Augie and Yvonne Herrera serve the Spanish Ministry at The Door.  Pastor Herrera also ministers to the congregation as a whole with a caring spirit and a unique ministry for God.  He organizes and ministers to our Thursday night Spanish service and is available to counsel in Spanish.  Every Sunday and Wednesday service is also translated in Spanish.  If you or someone you know needs to hear the gospel in Spanish, Pastor Augie urges you to come and invite someone.

Pastor Augie is available to answer questions or counsel in Spanish.







Pastor Ernie and Sandra Lopez serve our congregation as minister of visitation. He has been ministering for several years to families and individuals in crisis. He ministers to the new believers and brings a wealth of revelation in the last days events that are upon us.

Pastor Ernie is available for questions, help or counseling