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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL. It was quite a night here at the Conference in Zwolle Holland last night. The Dutch part of our Fellowship began in a very small setting about 40 years ago in a Bible Study that an acquaintance of Pastor Mitchell was having. He left and asked a young man to take over the Bible Study. Pastor Mitchell began working with that young man, inviting him to the Prescott conference and from there the Bible Study became our first Western European church and has since grown into a very powerful church planting conference center. Sitting in the audience while Pastor Mitchell was preaching last night I couldn’t help wonder what he was thinking as he was preaching to a crowed of well of over 1,500, representing about 100 churches from all over the world. The Dutch Fellowship pioneered some of our first churches in China 20 years ago, they have planted churches in Africa, South America, The Caribbean Islands and many cities throughout Western and Eastern Europe. Small beginnings is how our Fellowship was birthed. When Pastor Mitchell first when to Prescott in 1970 to take over the church there were about 20 members. Everyone of our churches is pioneered by a couple, called and sent to the cities and nations of the world. Everything we do begins and grows from seed form. IT’S A MIRACLE. There is power in small beginnings because God is involved in the growth and life of the seeds that are planted. Our Fellowship is all a great miracle, truly a sovereign work of God, it is a marvel to behold. The longer I’m saved and a part of what God is doing the more I value and appreciate what God has done. We should all take a little time today to pause and marvel. It is a privilege to be a part and called and involved in this great work of God. We should never take it for granted. To say that we are part of the greatest fellowship and move of God on earth is not pride or boasting. It is simply an acknowledgement that what we have is unique. Thank God I was saved in the church I was saved in and thank God I am part of this great fellowship. We have all been called to partner together with God and one another in order to participate and make a contribution to the SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL. There is no greater privilege on earth than that! [2 Timothy 1:9] “…who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began…”

– Pastor Stephens

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