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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: WE ALL NEED WISDOM AND MORE OF IT. All of us know that in order to live life successfully we need wisdom and a lot of it. The term ‘wisdom’ refers to developing skill and applying truth to the affairs of life. Wisdom doesn’t come naturally, IT HAS TO BE SOUGHT. The scripture underscores this; [James 1:5] “IF ANY OF YOU LACKS WISDOM, let him ASK OF GOD, who GIVES TO ALL LIBERALLY and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” The assumption is that we all do lack wisdom and that lack can get you into a lot of trouble if we move forward without it. Life is complex, we don’t always know what to do and that is where God’s wisdom comes in. Right now, today in your life you probably need the wisdom of God, and you may very well lack what you need. So, seek it, all you have to do is prayerfully ask…and IT WILL BE GIVEN!

– Pastor Stephens

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