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WHAT IS IT THAT YOU TRUST IN…REALLY TRUST IN?! (Part 1) I thought about this when I read the following scripture where God warns us about trusting in things that appear to be strong, but are not really worthy of your trust. [Isaiah 31:1] “Woe to those who GO DOWN TO EGYPT FOR HELP, And rely on HORSES, Who trust in CHARIOTS because they are many, And in HORSEMEN because they are very strong, But who do not look to the Holy One of Israel, Nor seek the Lord!” HORSES, CHARIOTS AND HORSEMEN. Well, the obvious question is…what does that have to do with me? I can’t fathom having to trust in a horse, it’s not part of my world, I’ve never seen a chariot…and horsemen? The point would be, what would be the equivalent of horses, chariots and horsemen today? What kind of things do we trust in…Where would we go to for strength, safety and protection instead of God. A lot of things could fall into that category, but let’s match the three above. A horse would be a symbol of transportation but more than that, depending on the quality of your horse and how many you had, it could be a status symbol…a sign of wealth…like a very nice, up to date, brand new, super expensive car…or two or three of them…if we have that we can feel pretty good about our selves. A chariot…It’s a symbol of war, victory and safety from enemies…we read often in the Bible about the number of chariots a nation had…it represented a part of their arsenal. If you had enough chariots, well built of the latest technology you would consider yourself to be safe and secure. You might think you don’t need God to fight for you when you have chariots. Then there is the horsemen. Skilled individuals, highly trained upon whom you can rely to protect you. A horse can’t save you…but a horsemen can. THE SUBJECT IS…WHAT IS IT THAT YOU TRUST IN, REALLY TRUST IN? Ponder this question overnight. (To be cont’d)

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