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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: His testimony to the church on Sunday Morning began by saying; “WITH ONE HOT DOG, ONE MICROPHONE AND ONE SPEAKER YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH A LOT”. This is a story of a cancelled outreach and 18 souls saved. Because of the tragic shooting in El Paso last Saturday we decided to cancel an outreach we had planned in a local park. People had misgivings about going to the park in light of what had happened, no problem. Instead, everyone decided to have a prayer meeting at the church for our city and victims involved in the shooting…good alternative. On the way to the prayer meeting one of the men in our church notice that all the bars, strip clubs and restaurants were open. None of them were bothered about doing business on such a day. So he rounded up some of the brethren, got the hotdogs that had already been prepared to serve at the outreach, got one microphone and a speaker and went to Armejo Park. When they arrived there were four families waiting for the event. We had done advertising and outreach in the area the previous few days. They announced, no play (We were going to have a performance of our play “Shattered”)…but we’ll have a concert. People started showing up and after some music and testimonies one of the men preached and gave an altar call….EIGHTEEN SOULS GOT SAVED…and some were in church Sunday morning! [Luke 15:10] “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” The people of God are amazing…it would have been easy to just take the night off…but that wasn’t the case with these people. They saw opportunity, felt challenged and went for it and the result is that eternity is going to be populated by a few more precious souls. This is what it’s going to take going forward to continue to have impact in this evil infested world. THE PEOPLE OF GOD NEED TO GET INSPIRED, STAY INSPIRED WITH A BURDEN AND VISION TO REACH THE LOST. We can all do that. Every common believer can have impact for Jesus Christ. We all have burgeoning opportunity all around us. LET’S START TAKING MORE ADVANTAGE OF THAT. I think the tragedy of yesterday should provide some impetus in that direction. All of us can make a difference and we discovered on Saturday that WITH ONE HOTDOG, ONE MICROPHONE AND ONE SPEAKER YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ALOT. [Mark 16:20] “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.”

– Pastor Stephens

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